#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep14

Episode 14 was all about the suspense. After having teasers flaunted at us, we’ve finally had something juicy happen. Granted, it’s the return of a few characters but still pretty exciting. Lets take a look at the episode:


Sciam are back together.

After Liam’s murder attempt on Scott a few episodes back, they’re finally back to their old papa/son ways and sleuthing in the sewers again. But after an encounter with Gerard and Daddy Argent, things might become a little too ‘nice’ in the following episodes. Scott knows Gerard holds the key to defeating the beast, but it’s going to be a real test on his Alpha side on how he deals with it all.

Lydia is badass

Early in season 5, we got to see a side of Lydia still quite foreign to us. Breaking out of Eichen House with her Banshee powers seemed a little far fetched but after her mental workouts with Meredith, it’s finally making sense. I think it’s nice to see that the gang are realising now that it’s more important than ever to have the whole pack together, and Lydia is as much a part of the pack as anyone else.

Malia met her mama

We finally met Corinne, aka The Desert Wolf. Now that we have a name, and the fact that Deacon knows it gives us some pretty big clues as to who she is. Lydia’s visions so far have been a little bit off balance, and although the things she saw early in S5 have happened, they’re just not as dire as we thought. Malia did get confronted by her mother, and she was beaten up a little, but she was interrupted by the beast before anything could happen.

The beast is getting sloppy

After his failed attempt at killing Deacon, the beast is showing us that it’s still not reached its full potential. I like that the writers have acknowledged that the beast hasn’t got it’s full memory yet, so it’s not an impossible beast right now.  I’m still thinking that Peter Hale is our mystery villain, since they seem to be bringing old foes back, but it could also maybe be Derek? Preliminary right now, but he is able to shift fully, and he did die back in mexico, something Theo’s pack have all done to become what they are now.


Our old nemesis from Season 3 is back, and after his little sob story about losing his sight (yet again) in the time since we last saw him, he demands that in turn for helping Theo, he wants Scott’s eyes. Kind of harsh since Deucalion is the bad guy and doesn’t deserve any pity, but still interesting, since the reason he’s needed is because he is blind. I’m assuming that because the beast is made of ‘shadows’ that’s how you can see him in his beastly form, but maybe if you’re relying on other senses and not your eyes it’s less intimidating and has a weak spot?


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