#TVTalk – Teen Wolf S5 Ep15

There are only 5 more episode left of Season 5, and with it comes the promise of some revealing storylines. With Scott’s pack getting stronger and more aligned again, we’re going to see some pretty heavy stuff over the next few weeks. Let’s take a look at what happened this week though:


Grand Theft Lydia

The gang made a pretty crappy plan to break Lydia out of Eichen house, and it unsurprisingly didn’t go to plan. The boys got beat up, Stiles is hiding from Valack, Lydia had a hole cut into her head, Parrish freaked out and now Theo knows he’s a hellhound and Kira almost blew up Beacon Hills, but that’s okay right? They’ll fix things soon enough.

Speaking of Lydia, she;s not as zoned out as she seemed, she seems to be able to talk coherently to Stiles and the surgery seemed to do nothing really to her.

Valack is up to something

Okay, we’ve know for some time that he’s up to something naughty, but he has a DD helmet? After throwing it onto one of his colleagues, it’s making me question whether he is doing it to try and get a hold of their frequency, or whether he’s the leader and is making his team stronger. I figured the doctors are from Eichen house anyway, but someone so close to home?


Theo is in over his head

We know that Theo is probably going to fail in his overall plan at the end of the season, but we’ve only just been told how. After he found out the beast could kill him and his pack, Theo has gone on a mission to find as much power as possible. I think his plans are to attach the claws to himself (like Deucalion mentioned to Hayden about them killing Theo eventually) and he might succeed for a short amount of time, trying to take Parrish’s power from him to beat the beast himself, but he will fail.

Parrish hurt the beast

Parrish managed to hurt the beast, and survive the attack. Obviously this has something to do with the prophecy but is there a connection with Parrish and whoever the beast is? Maybe the reason Parrish is the only one that can beat it is because there is a tie to it. Maybe a fellow deputy, maybe someone he’s dealt with in the past (like Peter, see my theory here about that).

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