Skinny shaming and its many downfalls

Over the past few months, but specifically this week, I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of skinny shaming posts on social media. It seems nowadays you can’t win whether you’re in the ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’ category. Both stereotypes are wrong, in equal parts but I’ve seen an uprise in the shaming of the more petite women among us.

Personally, if I was to categorize myself into one of these categories, it would be the ‘fat’ one more than the ‘skinny’ one. I’m a size 16 and while that’s pretty normal, I still seem large by most people. However, I used to be ‘skinny’. I was a size 10 a mere 4 years ago, and since then I’ve managed to gain weight. For reference, this is me:


I’m happy with my own body, and always have been. I have those days where I think I’d like to lose some excess arm flab or tone up my stomach a bit but overall I see my mind being the steering wheel of my life, not my appearance.

The thing I’m hating the most about the recent rise in skinny shaming is that it’s simply all down to genetics. Fair enough, there are cases where girls are purposely starving themselves to be skinnier, and there are women who eat more than they should. But overall, we’re all the same.

It irks me when I see pictures on Facebook like the ones below, where the ‘curvy’ woman in the picture is thrown at people to say “this is what is really beautiful” or when there is a picture of an obscenely obese person and  it says something like “you bring it upon yourself, skinny is so much more healthy”. Because whose business is it what size you are anyway? I’ve never wanted to go up to one of my friends and say “ew you’re too skinny” or “you’re too fat, no one likes that” because I know that it will be hurtful and that it’s not my business.




But mostly, I hate that the media is being blamed for most of it. As a girl who spent most of high school being bullied, I know first hand that it’s not the media, it’s the people saying the hurtful things. I’ve never once seen something in a newspaper or magazine and thought that it should be broadcasted on to other people. I never saw an article in a magazine that shames people with blonde hair for example, and then gone to school or college or work and said to someone “you’re hair is blonde, no one likes blonde hair”.

Social media is the cause of a lot of things, but when it comes to shaming someone’s appearance, that’s all down to us. We like to make ourselves feel better by hurting other people, it’s human nature. But it’s not something we need to do.

So next time you think about sharing one of those posts, or saying something hurtful towards someone, think of it this way. It feels 10X better to give a compliment than it does to be mean.

You are beautiful, no matter what size!

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Have a great day!


Photo credit: popspoken, Facebook.



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