Author interview with K.A. Duggsy

K.A. Duggsy’s brand new novel, Advance has just released, and I’m getting super excited to read it. Not one to stick to the easy path, Duggsy’s newest book tells the story of a guy who’d do anything to protect the girl he loves, a protagonist with an iron will, and a gripping story that will not only expose Advance Industries, but also expose you to new genres.


I was fortunate enough to ask Duggsy some questions that I feel would benefit you if you’re thinking about getting the book but aren’t sure what it’s about. If you’re wanting to become an author yourself or even if you’re wanting something new to read.


1. Tell us about your book a little bit. Who are the main characters and what is their story about?

Advance is a story about overcoming. The main character Faith lives in the future in a city where wealth rules. She meets Fraser Laudnam, a homeless guy who claims to be Advance Industries leading scientist and she agrees to help him expose them and right the wrongs they’re committing. Enter Kye who abducts Faith and urges her not to trust Fraser. Faith has been misled, mistreated and has no memories of Kye but once she gets her memories back she realises she’s been a pawn in Advance Industries game all along.

2. What inspired you to write this new book? Was there a specific eureka moment?

How this story came about was quite weird and really simple. I was playing a game of monopoly with my children and one of them had the Advance to go card. I remember thinking ‘aww how cool would it be to be able to Advance anywhere we wanted in a flash’ and the story was born.

3. What was the most difficult part of the writing process?

The most difficult part for this story was getting to the end. I knew where I wanted it to go, I just couldn’t seem to get there. I don’t usually use an outline, I just write and hope for the best but this story really tested me. I shouted with joy when it was finished. It felt like I’d run a marathon.

4. If you could change anything about the book or the way your wrote it, what would it be?

I’m not sure I would change anything except maybe Fraser. He’s a complex character, in fact I’m sure he has a split personality or psychosis of some sort. I struggled at times with making him the antagonist.

5. Who is your favourite character and why?

That’s easy peasy – Kye! Who wouldn’t want a hot guy to fight for them? To travel from his time to save the love of his life. He adores Faith and did I mention he’s hot?

6. Any advice to aspiring authors?

I’m not the right person to give out advice. Writing can be hard work especially if you go down the self-publishing route. No one tells you that you don’t just write a book and ta-da it’s done. There’s promo and requesting reviews and trying to get your work out there on your own. It is so rewarding though so keep at it. Don’t try and write what you think readers want. Write the story you have to tell because it’s what you want to write. It’s very cliche but if I can do it then seriously anyone can!

You can buy Advance from amazon

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