Advance by K.A Duggsy [A Review]

Faith is a reporter in what can only be described as a ‘new future’. A place where people are separated into districts based on wealth and technology is at it’s core. But it’s not as simple as it seems. Advance Industries is creating new technology that can teleport people in an instant, but it’s not as safe as people think. With the help of some rebels, can Faith and Kye figure it all out?


First of all, this is one of those books that grips you from the start. You don’t really know what is going on at first (and still have questions towards the end) and the suspense that all of the secrets bring to the book are what keep you reading til the end.

What did I like about it?

I loved the fact that it was in a very believable setting. Although it’s very futuristic, The city is a perfect mixture of sci-fi and reality. The atmosphere that I imagined while reading was very similar to how I feel when in my home city, but with the images of modern buildings and less sociable people.

I really loved the characters. Faith and Kye are yin and yang to each other, Faith being the fiery and determined one and Kye taking a back seat and letting her figure things out, while still being dreamy and understanding.

What didn’t I like?

There wasn’t anything I disliked about this book, other than it wasn’t my usual; cup of tea. I’m used to cheesy romance novels on a daily basis but although it wasn’t as racy as I’m used to, it was still a very enjoyable read.

If I were to change anything though, it would be that at times the pace felt a little bit slow, but that’s nothing more than me being a little bit petty. I can’t fault it on anything really.

Overall score: 9/10 Loved this book and can’t wait to read Book 2.

What others are saying about this book:

2 one click chicks on Goodreads: Advance is so descriptive I could really get lost in the book! Hence why I managed to finish it in a day!!! 5/5

Clare on Goodreads: This story takes you on an exciting ride with plot twists and turns throughout and with such an epic ending that I so much want to read what happens next! 5/5

A.L Wright on GoodreadsA quick, enjoyable read, and now I want to know what happens next! 4/5

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