Forever Summer by C.J. Duggan [A Review]

Ellie and Adam have had each others backs for as long as they can remember, and even though they live separate lives now, Ellie still remembers the good times they shared in High School. There’s just one catch about the summer of 1999, she vowed to tell Adam she loved him, and blew it. Now lonely in the city, Ellie is called home to attend her best friends engagement party, and staying in the same flat as Adam is tricky.


I’ve read and reread the series of books that came before this one, and I was way too excited to see how it all ended, considering these two were the only ones left unmatched and how pivotal they are in the other stories it felt like a great way to end the series.

I love the time stamp on these books, because although they’re modern and set in times we can all relate to, they started out in the mid 90’s and ended in 2001. It’s refreshing to read a book where mobile phones and Facebook aren’t at the forefront of the story.

Ellie is bubbly and charismatic and although she makes some bad life choices, she’s still strong willed and independent. I can’t tell you how boring it gets when the female lead is a damsel in distress and needs saving by the guy. Girl power is a thing that needs to be exploited!

Adam is also a little different, although he is buff and handsome he’s also a little bit goofy and totally oblivious to how he makes Ellie feel, which again is nice to see in a modern romance because he’s not arrogant and cocky.

This book (along with the rest of them) ties in great with all of the other intertwining stories and you feel like even though it’s a new couple you’re not completely hearing the end of the previous ones. Continuation is key people!!!!!

I suppose if I had to pick a flaw in this book is that it doesn’t quite fit the overall tone the other books had, it’s a little bit more grown up and less carefree, which you could say is due to the fact that Ellie and Adam are older than the other couples were in their books, but it still felt less like summer.

Overall score: 8.5/10 Great and fun but not as good as it’s predecessors.

What others are saying about this book:

Andie on Goodreads: The perfect end to a perfect series! 5/5

Kristy on Goodreads: I have waited a year for this and it was so worth it. But I need more Adam. MORE. MOARRRRRRR. 4/5

Sarah on Goodreads: What did I think of the book!? What did I think!? I’m not sure? maybe how perfect a finish it was to a very special series 5/5

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