Breaking Rules, Walls and Ties [Trilogy Review] By Tracie Puckett

Mandy and her Twin sister Bailey used to be best friends, but since they moved away after their Mother left them, they haven’t had a chance to bond. In an attempt to reconnect, Mandy signs them up for a charity Summer event at their school, where she might finally win a scholarship. But things get rocky when she meets Gabe, the founder of the charity she’s volunteering with, and the one person she will open up to about her feelings.


I found the first book in this series on my recommended page on my Kindle, and since it sounded good and was free, I downloaded it and read it that night. I LOVED IT! This was a great little pick me up for the gloomy weather we’ve been having in the UK recently, and Mandy’s strong will and sass was what made me buy the other two books. I had to see how everything panned out for Gabe and Mandy, and I was not disappointed.

Book one was a great start in my opinion. It wasn’t too fast in the sense that the characters fell madly in love straight away, it was a mature type of confession on Mandy’s part rather than one she was doing because Gabe was cute and said she was pretty once like it is in some other teen romance novels.

Moving onto book two, things got interesting and although I though things would have moved along more at first, I’m glad it wasn’t too fast in the second book as well because it really complimented book three when things finally happened. It gave reason behind certain conversations and made the story seem more put together. Pro, tip for any of you who want to rush ahead like me all of the time, don’t do it to this series, it deserves your patience.

The ending was really sweet, and I liked that it was realistic, Gabe and Mandy were finally together and happy, but it wasn’t like they were confessing undying love and promising marriage after a  few months of seeing each other. It’s refreshing to read something a little bit more believable.

Overall, this was a very sweet series, and I think in the future I am buying so many more of Tracie Puckett’s books, because I really enjoyed the way this book made me feel. If you’re wanting something tame and sweet then this is the series for you, and book one is free on Kindle right now so you can get it straight away.

What others are saying about this series:

Sea Grace on Goodreads: There is nothing I love more than a book that sucks me in, making me invest in our narrators outcome from page one and that’s exactly how I feel about Mandy Parker. 5/5

Elizabeth on Goodreads: BREAKING RULES is a story about standing up for yourself and creating the life you want and need, despite what others may want for you. 5/5

Sav on Goodreads:  As soon as the readers were introduced to Gabriel Raddick, I fell in love. I never wanted to put it down again and was upset when it ended. 4/5

Send some love and support Tracie’s way bu following her on Twitter, Facebook and her website. She seems to be a great and talented author and we should always share the love. You can buy all three books from Amazon here:

Breaking Rules, Breaking Walls, Breaking Ties

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