An interview with Adrienne Dunning #FosterAnAuthor2

As mentioned in my post earlier today, Adrienne and I have been paired up by the lovely Jo & Isa from Jo & Isa love books to share the love with all of you. I wanted to start out the week getting to know my Author, and Adrienne was brilliant in answering all of my questions for you.

Revolution Teaser 1.jpg

Tell us about your book a little bit. Who are the main characters and what is their story about?

Revolution is my second novel, published last fall.  It’s a combination of a lot of things—historical fiction, a ghost story, and a contemporary romance.  Set in historic Yorktown, Virginia, the novel follows the journey of Meg, a woman fleeing an abusive past, and Nate, a widower still grieving the loss of his wife.  Readers get immersed in small-town Southern charm with the added bonus of a match-making ghost, who brings Nate and Meg closer together in hopes that they will each help the other heal from their tragic pasts and look ahead to brighter futures.
What inspired you to write this new book? Was there a specific eureka moment?
I don’t know if there was any one thing that inspired me to write Revolution.  I’ve always loved ghost stories and haunted houses, so I knew I wanted to work on one.  I’m a huge history nerd, so I wanted a historical event to tie my story to.  My “eureka moment”, if you will, was when I heard the song “His Hands” by Jennifer Nettles. As soon as I heard the lyrics, I immediately started getting a picture of my character Meg in my head, huddled on a floor, broken and abused. My first question was, “What would she do if she could manage to run away?”  The rest is history.
What was the most difficult part of the writing process?
The most difficult part about writing for me is reining in my laziness and procrastination!!!  Once I ever get started, I’m fine, but there always seems to be great tv shows on I’ve been waiting to see, an awesome book I really want to finish, or intricate and fabulous recipes on Pinterest just begging me to make them. I honestly and freely admit to my laziness as a recliner slug that manages to watch more British television than there are actual hours in the day, and I’m possibly the most effective procrastinator you’ll ever come across.
If you could change anything about the book or the way you wrote it, what would it be?
If I could go back and change how I wrote Revolution, I would like to have inserted more of the original history with William Nathaniel and Sarah so that readers could see how they met and fell in love and started a family along with the developing romance between Nate and Meg.
Who is your favourite character and why?
My favorite character is Clarissa.  She’s a fiesty, spunky Southern grandma that is endearing and funny.  I just love her witty quips, her zest for life, and her caring heart.
Any advice to aspiring authors?
For anyone who’s aspiring to become a writer, I want to say this:  Write for yourself.  Don’t write what’s trendy or what’s currently selling in the hot genres.  Find your own voice and remain true to it.  That’s what will draw your readers and keep them loyal to you for the long haul.  The second thing I want to say is this:  Writing is NOT a “get rich quick scheme”.  Most authors do not make loads of money, and many of us (myself included) have day jobs to make a living. So don’t go into it for the money, start writing simply because your soul will shrivel and die if you don’t put words on paper and give life to some wonderful, incredible story.  That in itself is the simplest, and greatest, reason to write.
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Have a Great day, I will see you tomorrow!

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