About me!

Hey, my name is Charlotte.



I’ve had my blog since November 2014 and I am 20, completely British and aspire to be in the publishing business eventually, but for now I am in marketing. I have a few weird interests, for example: Metal detecting, Kpop, Eurovision and instagram-stalking. I’m one of those people that sits on the bus and reads, never to be disturbed, and not noticing the old lady trying to sit down next to me.

I’m not all weird though, I like normal things. I like Indie Folk music (besides my passion for Italians in skinny jeans). I watch Gilmore Girls religiously over and over again wishing desperately to be Lorelei and I LOVE Mexican food.

I felt like I needed something to do. Something I could just spill my thoughts into, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I would write about. I thought about game reviews, movie reviews and even product reviews, but none of that felt right. As someone who’s spent hours on end writing assignments for English college classes, I decided I would write about books.


Well, I’ll stop boring you now with boring details of my life. Go check me out on Twitter at: @CharBennett_ and say hi, I’m a Twitterholic.

I also have a Facebook page so you will never miss a post.

Have a great day!


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